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Xbox Live Deal Of The Week: Back From The Dead

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox Live Deal Of The Week: Back From The Dead

Microsoft's weekly Gold Member-exclusive deal is set to kick off later today, with a decidedly necrotic theme. The Zombies... Back From The Dead promotion slashes the price of two undead themed XBLA games, two expansion packs and some avatar gear, meaning that the zombie lovers amongst us can satisfy their horrific urges for flesh.

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is an absolutely fantastic Indie title turned full-fledged XBLA exclusive, featuring nuanced brutal combat that's easily the equal of any number of retail releases. Boomsticks and chainsaws abound, along with gritty yet ambient art direction. Don't miss this one.

Zombie Apocalypse has also been reduced to 400 Microsoft Points, but be aware that it's a ridiculous grind. The twinstick gameplay is solid enough and it actually feels like an isometric Left 4 Dead in parts, but there's simply too much repetition to make it stand out. I'[d recommend the slightly superior Dead Nation on PSN if you happen to own both consoles. Easy (if grindy) achievements, mind.

The Left 4 Dead expansion packs both offer a small new campaign and some nifty new multiplayer modes. They're well worth the money if you haven't grabbed them already. The Zombie Island of Dr Ned is also a thoroughly worthwhile destination for Borderlands fans who haven't stumped up for the complete edition.

As always, click the links to queue up downloads from the online marketplace!

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