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Xbox Live Games With Gold to double, confirms Microsoft

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox Live Games With Gold to double, confirms Microsoft

It's official. Following yesterday's rumours, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live Games With Gold will be shifting gears and upping its game, amongst other overused clichés.

BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider will both be free on Xbox 360 throughout March for Xbox Live Gold Members. Lara will take the first shift until March 15th, at which point Booker takes over for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, on Xbox One, Rayman Legends will be free to download all March long, while local multiplayer darling #IDARB will remain free.

It's a great haul with more to come, as Microsoft has also announced that they'll be doubling the number of games available on the service. "Next month, you can look forward to four free games on Xbox 360, and two free games on Xbox One," apparently. It looks like Phil Spencer is ready to deliver on his promises of beefing up the service, so here's hoping that the quality matches the quantity.

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Late  Feb. 26, 2015 at 14:23

Three fantastic games, there.

On the down side, I already have all three so I'm actually better off when they give away cr&p stuff!

I'm not going to complain at Microsoft suddenly giving away great games instead of dire ones, though.

Fingers crossed for April's (double) free games.
I'm guessing the doubling is for only one month (hopefully I'm wrong, though).

owenevans08  Feb. 26, 2015 at 15:41

I'm glad BioShock infinite is going to be free. I'm definitely going to go back and get it since I don't have my copy anymore. Well worth downloading. And as for tomb raider and rayman legends I'll have to give them a try as well.

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