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Xbox Live Rewards Scheme Overhauled & Relaunched

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox Live Rewards Scheme Overhauled & Relaunched

5000 Reward Credits = £3.35

Microsoft has re-launched the Xbox Live Rewards programme, which was previously retired due to the recent switch from Microsoft Points to hard currency. The new scheme revolves around earning credits by participating in activities, eventually earning enough to convert into actual credit to spend on games and marketplace content.

A high Gamerscore equates to better bonuses. We've got a full explanation and an "exciting" infographic below.

As explained on the official website (that lets you sign up, to be honest, you might as well), the newly revamped Xbox Live Rewards scheme introduces a new meta-currency known as Reward Credits. These are doled out for completing a number of activities, such as 1000 for playing a newly-released game for ten hours in the month after launch, or 250 for taking part in a survey. Naturally renewing an Xbox Live Gold subscription is worth a major haul. If you've managed to rack up over 75,000 Gamerscore during your gaming career, you'll also earn 300 Credits for every £6.70 you spend on the Xbox Live marketplace.

Once you've accrued 5000 Reward Credits or more, they'll automatically be converted into your local currency - 5000 equates to £3.35 in the UK. This cash value will be added directly into your Microsoft Account on the 15th or 30th of the month (though you can personally choose a specific day should you want to), and can be spent on Xbox Store content.

It's worth noting that Reward Credits don't expire, but the cash deposit does - becoming worthless after June 2015.

Here's a great big infographic showing off some of the Credit-worthy activities, and how much you'll earn. Click to enlarge.

Xbox Live Rewards Scheme Overhauled & Relaunched

The new Xbox Live Rewards scheme is now live and open for business. What do you make of it?

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Late  Sep. 2, 2013 at 14:21

It's something for nothing, so I've no complaints.
Before the year's up I should easily have over 5000 credits without doing anything I wouldn't normally be doing, so that's about three quid for nothing.
I ain't going to retire and live off that £3, but free's free.


Seems to work retrospectively, to some degree, btw.
I have 3000 credits on my account, due to renewing my gold a while back.

Statement says:
"26/08/13 - event_12mgold renewal_baseline - 3,000 Credits"

I actually bought and activated that in July (but had a month left at that point). Purchase was a 13m subscription (12m + 1m free), bought from a third party.


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