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New Xbox Live Rewards Scheme To Be Unveiled In September

Jonathan Lester
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New Xbox Live Rewards Scheme To Be Unveiled In September

Current Scheme Will Be Axed Next Month

The Xbox Live Rewards scheme, which grants participants a small Microsoft Points rebate and bonuses for making XBLA purchases, naturally won't make sense once Microsoft Points are phased out next month. The programme will be retired as of August 1st, to be replaced by a new system in September.

"With all these changes, it's become necessary for us to evolve the way we reward you," reads a Microsoft statement. "Starting August 1, 2013, you will not be able to earn Microsoft Points through Xbox Live Rewards any longer.

"Not to worry, though! Since this currency change is impacting the structure of the program, we're taking the opportunity to make Xbox Live Rewards even better.

"You'll continue to get rewarded for doing the things you love on Xbox Live - just not with Microsoft Points. So come back to rewards.xbox.com on September 1, 2013 for the full scoop."

It's possible that Microsoft will look to credit Xbox Live Reward participants a with a small rebate, but we hope that they'll take the opportunity to genuinely offer more to longtime fans in terms of avatar items and extras.

Microsoft have recently come under fire for raising XBLA game prices in the UK as part of the transition from points to hard currency, which they've explained away as an "unintended error."

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Late  Jul. 11, 2013 at 16:26

The rewards were crap.
I imagine they're about to become worse...


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