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Xbox LIVE Shadow Complex Download Deal (800 MSP) [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Xbox LIVE Shadow Complex Download Deal (800 MSP) [Xbox 360 Games]

Got a spare 800 pts lying around but worried that there's nothing around you really want to buy and afraid you'll end up frittering them away on Rock Band songs that you neither want nor need? Well hold on for just a little longer. A Microsoft press release for the Xbox Live Marketplace showing upcoming price changes in Xbox Live Arcade games and DLC has revealed that two of the best games available through XBLM - Shadow Complex and The Maw - are about to come crashing down in price from December 21st for Xbox LIVE Gold members.

Currently sitting proud at a steep 1200 MS points, Chair Entertainment and Epic Games' Shadow Complex is an award-winning 2.5D shooter that has been topping Best Of lists for months, but is now due to drop to 800 MSP, saving you a good third of the price if you wait just a few days. Developed by the same guys who brought us Gears of War and Splosion Man, it's a non-linear side scroller with game mechanics that would make Mario weep.

As you infiltrate the enemy base to rescue your girlfriend and save the world in the process, you'll find yourself increasingly capable of a whole bunch of badass moves. There's an enemy soldier in front of you do you disable him with the bone-crunchingly good melee system, riddle him with machine gun bullets, encase him in foam and blow him to pieces with a grenade, or cave his chest in by running into him at supersonic speed?

Shadow Complex is one of the best looking games I've played, arcade or otherwise, and the fully 3D background allows for a literal extra dimension. The non-linear structure and the massive array of powers you have at your disposal allow for a whole host of replays, and there are a load of timed challenges and integrated leaderboards to keep your button fingers warm over the winter period. Hell, at 1200 MSP you were still getting your money's worth. This is now an absolute steal!

Xbox LIVE Shadow Complex Download Deal (800 MSP) [Xbox 360 Games]

The Maw, by contrast, is a sweet little game whereby you play a marooned little alien named Frank with a giant carnivorous blob at his disposal, trying to escape from bounty hunters, wild beasts and work his way home. Currently at 800 MSP, this little gem from indie developers Twisted Pixel will be falling by 50% to 400 MSP.

By all rights, The Maw shouldn't be nearly as much fun as it happens to be. The cutesy graphics are excellent, the gameplay is simple yet addictive and you never really tire of directing your maniacally grinning purple pet to gobble up armed mercenaries. It's a bit on the short side, but for 400 MSP it's well worth a punt.Xbox LIVE Shadow Complex Download Deal (800 MSP) [Xbox 360 Games]

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DrTrouserPlank  Dec. 11, 2009 at 20:00

Shadow complex at 800MS points is a must buy if you enjoy these old-style shooters but passed on this game because of price previously.

Matt Gardner  Dec. 12, 2009 at 03:48

I utterly agree. I ended up shelling out the 1200 MSP a couple of months back and I'm already on my fourth playthrough. The aiming on some of the 2.5D bits can be a little fiddly, but by-and-large it's an exceptional game.

Definitely a must-buy for any old-school Metroid fan.

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