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The Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale is here: save up to 85% on Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Jonathan Lester
Xbox 360 games, Xbox One Games

The Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale is here: save up to 85% on Xbox 360 & Xbox One

The Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale has begun!

A huge range of games have been slashed down to size on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with savings of up to 85% and extra discounts for Gold Members.

Xbox One highlights include:

Xbox 360 highlights include:

And more besides. Click here to browse the Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale!

Credit is due: many thanks to dunkerz and matt252901 for their comprehensive Xbox 360 and Xbox One lists on HUKD!

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Late  Feb. 20, 2015 at 11:50

Bought "Lords of the Fallen" on a whim (reduced from £50 to £7.50).
Seems I was lucky. It was only in the sale for a couple of hours, then removed...

The developers have said that it's supposed to be in the sale, and they've no idea why it's been removed. Microsoft are saying it should never have been put in there in the first place, and was discounted accidentally.
Lots of very angry people now, of course.

TBH Microsoft would be best off reducing it, now. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay fifty quid for it at the moment, so selling tens of thousands of copies of a digital product at £7.50 must surely be better business than selling zero copies at £49.99 - and that's without factoring in the goodwill/badwill side of the equation.

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