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Xbox One preview firmware still causing disc errors, but fixes are forthcoming

Jonathan Lester
Firmware Update, Microsoft, Update, Xbox One

Xbox One preview firmware still causing disc errors, but fixes are forthcoming

Xbox One's preview programme allows console owners to get to grips with major firmware updates ahead of time, enjoying new functionality and tweaks weeks before they're officially deployed... but as with any beta there are always risks. Numerous participants have reported several worrying disc drive errors over the last fortnight, as a result of installing April's offering.

Luckily Microsoft have taken feedback on board and promise to squash these bugs in the official release, and the workaround reads like a scene from the IT Crowd.

Three aggravating problems have been widely reported on the Xbox forums, all of which I've directly encountered firsthand. In no particular order:

  1. Discs identified as damaged or dirty. Often, the Xbox One claims that all discs inserted into the drive are defective, refusing to play or access them even if they're in pristine condition (as they would be, seeing as the console is still in its infancy).
  2. Disc drive "empty." Many users access a disc via the Metro icon, only to be challenged by the following erroneous error message: "Do you own this game or app? If you have a game disc, insert it now. If there is no disc, make sure you are signed in to Xbox Live. If you do not have the rights to play this, you will need to buy it at the Xbox Store (0x87de07d1)." Annoying.
  3. Loud disc read noises. For 15-20 seconds after starting a game, the drive emits worryingly loud grinding or skipping noises, as if the console is struggling to read the disc. This abates in time.

It's seriously galling to encounter issues like this, but in fairness, that's part and parcel of participating in a beta (personally I'm just overjoyed that they're not hardware gremlins!). Microsoft has assured concerned gamers that fixes are currently in certification and will be included with the official launch in the next few days. "As mentioned in yesterday’s status update, fixes have been identified for the three Blu-ray drive issues," reads the latest statement. "The fixes are undergoing testing, along with other changes contained in the next update, which will take a few days to complete. The next update is planned to also include several fixes for issues that the preview audience has identified in the forums.

"Thank you for your patience and continued effort in finding additional bugs that you are reporting on these forums, and that we’re continuing to investigate."

Until then, if you're suffering from errors 1 and 2, there's a very simple and reliable workaround. Just... say it with me now... turn it off and on again. You'll need to trigger a full power cycle, holding the power button for ten seconds until the console completely powers down (rather than entering standby mode) and subsequently boot it up again.

As mentioned last month, the April update will improve DVR quality, add friend notifications, tweak Kinect commands and more. Have you suffered from these annoying -- if temporary -- foibles?

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Harryisme  Mar. 31, 2014 at 15:25

I've had my XBO for less than a week and so far slightly dissapointed with it, there seems to be quite allot of room for tweaking the OS. I had a strange bug on installing Titanfall (I exchanged my unused Digital copy for my nephews physical copy,) and for some reason the game stopped installing at 85% and wouldn't shut down because of it. Thankfully it allowed me to eject the disk and when I rebooted the console and inserted the disk it continued from 85% and finished in under a minute....but it was a bit worrying, I never faced issues like this installing games on the 360 or PS3 or even the PC before.

It seems to me the biggest issue MS has is with the BluRay drive, I wonder if it's because they only intended to have it as a drive to play movies and install the game and didn't plan on using it to verify the disk is genuine, as original plan was once installed on the HDD the license would be verified via online checks?

Late  Mar. 31, 2014 at 16:24

I'm not beta testing, but I've noticed my disk drive is louder, lately.
Not quite to the degree that I've contacted MS about it, but I've been close.

At first it was just Thief. That made a right racket when the disk was put in, for about 20 seconds, then calmed to just being fairly noisy for a few minutes, but then always settled down to almost whisper quiet. But now a few disks (both game and BD film) that were fine before are causing a noise - generally just a low hum.

Going to have to keep an eye on it, see if there's a pattern.

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