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"Xbox On" - New Video Shows Kinect Voice Commands

Jonathan Lester
Kinect, Microsoft, Voice commands, Xbox One

"Xbox On" - New Video Shows Kinect Voice Commands

Kinect may be a powerful depth sensor, but its directional microphone is arguably the feature we're most excited about. Here's a new video showing how players can effortlessly browse their content and navigate the OS using only their voice... though how accurate and truthful the footage is remains to be seen. It's most likely entirely staged or mocked up, but frankly, we still can't wait to try this out for ourselves.

AGB via Xbox One.com. Note that the official website is currently undergoing a refit, so formatting can display oddly depending on your browser.

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X10  Oct. 28, 2013 at 14:37

Yes it does looked staged, especially seeing as some of the gaming footage was from the recent Titanfall video.

JoeDark64  Oct. 28, 2013 at 20:46

Yeah definitely staged.

Having said that normally if it was a big departure from how it would look in reality there would be a mini disclaimer at the bottom saying 'sequences shortened' or 'not representative of final footage' (or something along those lines).

The omission of such statements makes me hopefully this is pretty close to the end experience. All this talk of separate OS' running simultaneously means that this quick switching could certainly be possible.


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