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XCOM Delayed Into 'FY 2013'

Jonathan Lester
2K Marin, Delays, FPS games, Take-Two, Xcom

XCOM Delayed Into 'FY 2013'

As part of their recent Q2 financial report (logging net losses of $47.3 million but an upward trend), Take-Two has confirmed that 2K Marin's XCOM shooter reboot will be delayed into FY 2013. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean 2013 itself, rather, its launch window is technically between April 2012 and May the following year. It's unclear exactly why XCOM will miss its projected March release date, but we can surmise that Take-Two want to space out their titles throughout the coming months... and possibly avoid directly competing with Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot in the process. Not to mention Mass Effect 3.

From what I saw earlier this year, XCOM is actually shaping up surprisingly well... but it will need to offer an unimpeachably strong experience to soothe the frustrated anger of Julian Gollop fans. Here's hoping that 2K Marin will take full advantage of the extra time.

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