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XCOM: Enemy Unknown CD Key | £17.99 | Simply Games | PC

Jonathan Lester
2K Games, Firaxis Games, PC games, Strategy games

XCOM: Enemy Unknown CD Key | £17.99 | Simply Games | PC

Zavvi's £14.95 XCOM: Enemy Unknown price has sadly been abducted, replaced by an incredibly mediocre Steam Sale that's actually undercut by Play.com. However, a little shopping around reveals that Simply Games will sell you a CD key for £17.99 (an extra £2 saving), which will unlock the game if you download it from Steam etc.

A turn-based strategy game that evokes Gollop's hardcore originals but makes the action accessible to newcomers, Firaxis' reboot is probably one of my major nominations for GOTY 2012 at the moment. More details in our 9/10 XCOM: Enemy Unknown review.

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