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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer Prepares For War

Jonathan Lester
2K Games, Firaxis, PC games, PS3 games, Strategy games, Xbox 360 games

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer Prepares For War

XCOM: Enemy Unknown releases next week, and we know you're excited about it. Turn-based strategy has never looked sexier and more visceral, yet Firaxis' reboot also packs in a massive amount of tactical depth and raw content. Savvy commanders will be "our last hope" when the aliens invade, and this latest trailer gives us some more footage to drool over.

Knowledge is power, so why not check out our XCOM: Enemy Unknown singleplayer preview, multiplayer hands-on preview and interview with producer Garth DeAngelis?

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Doors  Oct. 4, 2012 at 15:45

Why won't the 10th hurry up!


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