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XSEED File Killer Is Dead Domain Names

Matt Gardner
Grasshopper Manufacture, Killer Is Dead, Localisation, XSEED

XSEED File Killer Is Dead Domain Names

Will Grasshopper's Killer Is Dead be crossing the Pacific? Maybe, at least if this latest development is anything to go by. Some domain registrations rooted out by Superannuation have pointed towards the possibility of XSEED as a North American publisher for the game, having recently registered the domain name killerisdead-game, alongside sites killandlove.com and

Naturally, all of our extremities are feverishly crossed.

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tapi  Jan. 23, 2013 at 11:30

and the award for most confusing headline goes to....

to paraphrase lisa simpson "I recognise all of those words but that statement doesn't make any sense"

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