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Yager: "People Are Still Interested In Fresh Concepts"

Matt Gardner
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Yager: "People Are Still Interested In Fresh Concepts"

Yager Development's managing director, Timo Ullman, has spoken briefly about the current console cycle, explaining that he feels there's still a market for fresh, new ideas, and for approaching well worn genres from different perspectives.

He should know a thing or two about that, having recently shipped Spec Ops: The Line - a military third person shooter that actually manages to distinguish itself from the rest of its run-of-the-mill peers.

"There's a big market out there," states Ullman, "and people are still interested in fresh concepts or new takes on established genres. I'm less keen on letting a new hardware cycle begin, but from a technical point of view, I think what's coming sounds pretty promising. While I can't comment on what we're doing next right now, it's fair to say we are preparing for the future."

Yes, we want new things, we do! Fresh takes? Yes please! Spec Ops: The Line wasn't perfect, but it certainly was a breath of fresh air. Here's what we said about the game in our Spec Ops: The Line review:

Spec Ops: The Line should be praised for daring to look beneath the casual approach to war so often exhibited in so-called "authentic" shooters like MOH or COD. Despite clunky aspects to both story and action, and a lack of inspiration in terms of third-person shooter design, Yager have created an unflinching look at war that manages to stand out from the crowd, and maybe even asks questions of the games industry too. It's no masterpiece, but hopefully it paves the way for more mature approaches to come.

Thanks, GII.

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DivideByZero  Jul. 5, 2012 at 13:47

Yeah, there are many new and fresh games coming out on existing generation HW. Take Journey for one example. Completely fresh. Sod some amry game done slightly differently.

But the lack of new hardware means that your AAA titles are going backwards unless you spend mega hours making it amazing.

A new generation of HW would, IMO, give the middle ground companies (who are suffering big time) a chance to catch up. Remember, if you use the same gfx on new HW, you can just up the frame rate, AA and AF and the game instantly looks much better.
This should not be overlooked.


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