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Yakuza 4 | £10.37 | Currys | PS3

Jonathan Lester
Action Games, CS1 Team, PS3 games, Sega
Yakuza 4 | Playstation 3
Yakuza 4 | £10.37 | Currys | PS3

It's not quite as low as Dixons' Christmas deal, but sister company Currys are currently offering a nifty price for Yakuza 4. Brendan's full review explains that the combat is brilliant, the city is expansive (if copied shamelessly from the last one) and the four characters are unique in terms of fighting styles and storytelling. Currys will save you about £2, and this is well worth a look for those with a love of violence and geishas. Hostesses, sorry.

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montblanc  Jan. 26, 2012 at 15:19

Ha :) Technically they are the same as Geishas because you would pay both to pretend they're interested in you and hold a conversation while getting you to buy yourself and them a lot of food and drink. Neither offer sex in any way, that's what the massage parlour is for, which is uncut from the Western version of the game for the first time in Yakuza 4 :P


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