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Zavvi Voucher Code: 10% Off Today Only

Jonathan Lester
Voucher code, Zavvi
Zavvi Voucher Code: 10% Off Today Only
  • What: ZWEDS Voucher Code
  • Where: Zavvi
  • Effect: 10% Off Today Only (excludes pre-orders and electronics)

Zavvi are kicking off Christmas early with the ZWEDS voucher code that will give you 10% off your purchases today only. So long as they're not pre-orders or electronics. Let us know what you do with it, but it might be a good time to grab 2100 Microsoft Points for £14.27, or El Shaddai: Ascention of The Metatron for £16.15. 10% isn't a huge saving, but every little helps at this time of year.

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hurrakan  Oct. 26, 2011 at 12:05

I made the mistake of joining Zavvi to pre-order Forza 4 :(

The game SHOULD have arrived by release day (a Friday) - but it didn't arrive until Monday. I should have been able to play all weekend - but I had to wait 3 days for no reason. Zavvi don't offer any delivery options.

I normally pre-order from Amazon, who ALWAYS deliver the game on release day, sometimes even before.

MattGardner  Oct. 26, 2011 at 14:51

Mmmmm. Amazon Prime.


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