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From Zelda At E3 To Metroid Prime On The DS: News Roundup November 19th

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In today’s news roundup new details are set to emerge at next year’s E3 regarding the upcoming Zelda, Activision are rumoured to have brought in a third development team for the Call of Duty series as part of their “aggressive expansion plan”, and Metroid boss Kensuke Tanabe suggests the possibility of Metroid prime on the DS.

New Zelda Details to be revealed at E3

From Zelda At E3 To Metroid Prime On The DS: News Roundup November 19th

Following Shigeru Miyamoto’s news of a possible 2011 appearance for Link in the new Legend of Zelda, fans grew impatient, upset and complained of severe Zelda-deprivation (I hear it’s as serious as swine flu).  Well it looks like producer Eiji Aonuma is attempting to ease our woes by teasing a few new Zelda details at the 2010 rendition of E3.   “I hope that we can show you something at the E3 show next year, and it is something we are hopeful will be surprising,” said Aonuma.

He then went on to clarify the new Zelda will be supporting Wii MotionPlus, and while he didn’t specify, he did say the traditional Zelda formula may be in for a bit of a makeover.  “It is something we used to talk about with Mr. Miyamoto, and he and I agree that if we are following the same structure again and again, we might not be able to give long-time Zelda fans a fresh surprise.”  The Wii will of course cater for these (hopefully) innovative changes, and offer players more than the traditional Zelda fare.  [OfficialNintendoMagazine]

Third Development Team Allegedly Brought in For Call of Duty Series

From Zelda At E3 To Metroid Prime On The DS: News Roundup November 19th

With Modern Warfare 2 selling by the truckload its hardly surprising Activision plan to milk the franchise for all its worth, with a third development reportedly joining Treyarch and Infinity Ward, created for the sole purpose of more Call of Duty.  With Treyarch and Infinity Ward taking it turn about for the Call of Duty series; it’s hard to see exactly where this new development team will fit in.

Perhaps the rumoured Call of Duty MMO may be set for development after all, or a brand new edition of Call of Duty is planned.  Whatever the case, Treyarch are busy at work on the follow up to World at War, so we’ll just concentrate on the one Call of Duty at a time.  [LATimes]

Metroid Prime a Possibility on the DS

From Zelda At E3 To Metroid Prime On The DS: News Roundup November 19th

With the Metroid Prime trilogy finished on the Wii with Metroid Prime: Corruption, fans believed the series to be dead and buried.  Not the case, says Metroid boss Kensuke Tanabe.  “We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series,” he said. “Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realizing it on the DS or DSi.”  It’s good to know that although anything is hardly set in stone, at least the possibility of seeing Samus in a new Prime exists.  [OfficialNintendoMagazine]

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