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Zeno Clash £3.82 @ Steam [PC Download]

Lydia Low
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Zeno Clash £3.82 @ Steam [PC Download]

Zeno Clash is an independently created first person punk fantasy that's certainly not for everyone thanks to its off kilter graphical style, curious storyline and all round oddness.

Steam are currently offering Zeno Clash with 66% off the price, making it just £3.82. If you really like boxes then you may be interested to know that you can get a boxed version of the game for £12.97 from Tesco but if you're quite happy with downloads then Steam's deal offers a fantastic saving of £9.

In the fictional land of Zenozoik, you take on the role of Ghat who awakens after being rendered unconscious after causing an explosion to kill Father/Mother, his hermaphroditic parent. Subsequently he is banished from his home and with a female companion, Deadra, run out of town by the remains of his family. The plot has a bizarre dream-like quality to it and as such is likely to stay with you a long time after you have completed the game.

Thanks to the Source engine, the graphics are solid and sturdy but its the great design that gives the game its special look and adds to its appeal, helped along by some pretty decent voice acting. The combat is far from elegant but nonetheless enjoyable and satisfying, if a little reminiscent of a particularly ugly pub brawl at times.Zeno Clash £3.82 @ Steam [PC Download]

Not everyone will enjoy Zeno Clash but at under four quid it's well worth a try, and showing some support for independent developers while you're at it.

Thanks to Cuddy at Hotukdeals!

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John McLaggan  Dec. 10, 2009 at 15:17

I have to admit I really hate Steam at the moment, it already made me buy a ton of deals through their recent sale and then another interesting looking game! Just have to wait for all my downloads to complete now...


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