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All Zombies Must Die!, Cubemen, Platformance: Castle Pain, Platformance: Temple Death, SOL: Exodus, SQUIDS & VectorGeddon | £Beat The Minimum | Indie Royale | PC

Jonathan Lester
All Zombies Must Die!, Indie Games, Indie Royale, PC games, PLATFORMANCE, SQUIDS

Here be games: a mix of the sublime and the ridiculously hectic. Frenetic shooter AZMD! rubs shoulders with adorable strategy game SQUIDS, a Galactica-style space sim, an artillery title... talk about variety.

Brilliantly, the PLATFORMANCE series has also made its way to PC. It's a platforming and level design masterclass, arriving just in time for Platformines...

You know the Indie Royale drill by now. Beat the fluctuating minimum price to get involved.

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