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Zombies To Invade Hong Kong In Sleeping Dogs DLC

Matt Gardner
DLC, Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix, United Front Games, Wei Shen, Zombies

Zombies To Invade Hong Kong In Sleeping Dogs DLC

The zombie craze just will not die. Ahem. Sorry.

United Front Games and Square Enix have announced that the fantastic Sleeping Dogs will be the next game to receive the undead treatment, unveiling a DLC pack called "Nightmare in North Point".

The DLC pack will drop on October 30, and Wei Shen will find himself having to fend off legions of the undead after a gang member whom the Triad tortured and executed returns to Hong Kong at the head of a zombie army.

But it won't only be zombies that our dual-code hero has to worry about. Armed with a peach wood sword (an instrument of Taoist exorcism), Wei wlil also have to do battle against the Jiang Shi - Chinese vampires. [via Polygon]


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Breadster  Oct. 15, 2012 at 16:41

Haha, everything has zombies these days.

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