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ZombiU £4.95 at Game Collection on Wii U

Brendan Griffiths
Survival Horror Games, Wii U games, ZombiU

ZombiU £4.95 at Game Collection on Wii U

ZombiUGame Collection | £4.95 | Price ComparisonReview

This is the first time I've seen ZombiU for less than a fiver, making it well worth a look for any adult Wii U owners. With no Dark Souls games to peel your finger nails off on the Wii U, ZombiU is your best bet for punishing gameplay. It also has some clever uses for the gamepad screen to add atmosphere. So, perhaps one for the more hardcore gamer out there. Try not to destroy that gamepad screen if you're prone to rage-quits though.

Thanks to BuzzDuraband at HotUkDeals.

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Crazy Jamie  May. 10, 2014 at 11:26

I just started playing this, and it is really very good. I was actually pleasantly surprised. For some reason I was expecting to be only slightly better than average, but it is genuinely scary and immersive, with the uses of the gamepad only adding to that. I can't really remember another 'survival horror' game that makes you feel this vulnerable. It's hard, but thus far I haven't really felt that it's cheap. I'm only in the early stages, but at this point I'd recommend it at this price without any hesitation.


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