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ZombiU is the most under-appreciated game of this generation, discover why for £5.95

Jonathan Lester
Horror games, Wii U games, ZombiU

ZombiU is the most under-appreciated game of this generation, discover why for £5.95

That's right. I said it. ZombiU is the most underrated game of this generation and it's a crying shame that so many people ignored it.

Or worse, didn't even attempt to understand it. See, ZombiU is probably the most hardcore, dedicated and bravest survival horror game of the last few years; a game that isn't afraid to hit you with isolation, silence, permadeath and impossible odds, a game where you'll die and die and kill your former selves and huddle in a corner desperately checking your inventory on the GamePad and oh God oh God it's eating me.

The horror, you see. It's the horror. Pure horror, not some half-breed genre hybrid, yet so many reviewers decided to critique it as an action game. We didn't.

"ZombiU terrifies and terrorises its players with every trick in the book, and a fair few new ones courtesy of the WiiU hardware. Though an emotionally draining and occasionally awkward affair, Ubisoft's brave hardcore proposition proves that big publishers can still deliver true survival horror."

You can now get ZombiU for just £5.95. If you own a Wii U and like horror games, it's probably about time. Thanks preparationiskey!

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keekstuff  Mar. 13, 2015 at 09:44

... And so my WiiU game collection begins.

Before even owning a WiiU

Last edited by keekstuff, Mar. 13, 2015 at 09:45

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